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Doctors Dispute Report that Malpractice Payouts Have Remained Level

Doctors dispute a report that malpractice payouts have remained level, according to RedNova.com.

As previously reported, a recent study has asserted that, over the last five years, the amount the major medical malpractice insurers have collected in premiums has more than doubled, while their claims payouts have remained essentially flat.

However, according to Rednova.com, the Physicians Insurance Association of America asserts instead the average jury award increasing from $347,000 to $607,000, or 75 percent. The malpractice awards exceeding $1 million have practically doubled over the period to 7.5 percent.

Comment: The truth is out there, somewhere.


Posted by: Duncan Kinder on Jul 11, 05 | 7:40 pm | Profile

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