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NYT: Massive Fraud Plauges New York State's Medicaid Program

According to the New York Times, "New York's Medicaid program, once a beacon of the Great Society era, has become so huge, so complex and so lightly policed that it is easily exploited. Though the program is a vital resource for 4.2 million poor people who rely on it for their health care, a yearlong investigation by The Times found that the program has been misspending billions of dollars annually because of fraud, waste and profiteering."

Comment: The Times states that it was able to uncover this fraud through routine computer analysis of the state's Medicaid data. Although a renowned newspaper, The Times nevertheless is not a storehouse of esoteric medical expertise. Therefore, complex as the state's Medicaid program may be, its discoveries apparently should have been available to state regulators as well. The article does not explain how or why the state apparently has been unable to uncover the same fraud through the same data.


Posted by: Duncan Kinder on Jul 18, 05 | 11:30 am | Profile

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