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Communication Workers of America Launch Healthcare Website

A new website provides access to the latest information on the state of the health care system and gives working families the opportunity to directly tell their stories.

The site, www.healthcarevoices.org, is a project of the Communications Workers of America. It's a vehicle for workers to speak out about the health care crisis and to tell members of Congress, policy makers, the media and others that despite skyrocketing costs and expenses, the nation's health care system isn't working.

It also serves as a clearinghouse for the latest news and analysis on health care issues, with reports and findings from the National Coalition on Health Care, Families USA, and other organizations working to find a solution to the country's health care crisis.

"CWA is encouraging working families to share their experiences � the hardships they face and the choices they must make to keep health care coverage. Working families deserve a real solution to this crisis, not empty promises and greater cost shifting," said CWA President Morton Bahr.

CWA has endorsed five key principles for national health care reform: universal coverage, comprehensive benefits, affordability, fair financing, and quality care delivery, and has worked to achieve this reform at the bargaining table, in legislative arenas and in communities.

"Our country's health care crisis can't be fixed solely at the bargaining table," said CWA Executive Vice President Larry Cohen. "Our elected officials must face up to the crisis. CWA will continue to work with coalition partners, including some of our employers, to push for just such a solution. CWA remains committed to the goal of maintaining quality, affordable healthcare for our members."

On the website, workers can submit their stories and health care horror stories, search through the latest surveys and other research from organizations fighting for fair health care reform and can donate to CWA-COPE, with funds distributed to candidates for public office who have committed to working for working families, on health care reform and other important issues.


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