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Heritage Foundation: Association Health Plan Legislation Would be "A Good Start"

According to the Heritage Foundation, "The House of Representatives will soon consider a major package of health care bills. The package, if enacted, would significantly improve the functioning of America�s health insurance markets and establish a solid foundation for further transformation of America�s health care system."

This is the same legislation, which the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute called "a license to steal."

The association health plan legislation before the House would, among other things, for health insurance offered by associations such as Chambers of Commerce or trade associations, replace current state regulation with new federal regulation. This new federal legislation would be less strict than often stringent state regulations.

While Georgetown University says this looser regulation would encourage abuse; the Heritage Foundation says is would make insurance less expensive.


Posted by: Duncan Kinder on Jul 23, 05 | 12:55 am | Profile

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