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Regulation, Payment Driving Heated Health Care Competition

Provider reimbursement and competition are the subjects of a series of articles published today on the Health Affairs Web site.

In the first article, Sujit Choudry, an associate professor at the University of Toronto, and two colleagues address the legal implications of trying to combat the migration of highly profitable cases and well-insured patients from general hospitals to ambulatory surgical centers and specialty hospitals.

In a brief response to the paper by Choudhry and colleagues, Clark C. Havighurst, professor emeritus at Duke University School of Law, argues against any legal protections for general hospitals that might lead to monopolies.

Finally, Paul Ginsburg and Joy Grossman of the Center for Studying Health System Change examine the ways in which inaccurate and out-of-date cost data drive the heated competition for highly profitable health care cases.

This paper is being published on the Health Affairs Web site with support from the California HealthCare Foundation.

Health Affairs, published by Project HOPE, is a bimonthly multidisciplinary journal devoted to publishing the leading edge in health policy thought and research. Additional peer-reviewed papers are published weekly online as Health Affairs Web Exclusives at www.healthaffairs.org Health Affairs Web Exclusives are supported in part by a grant from the Commonwealth Fund.


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